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Phase Linear 8000A linear tracking turntable

So how about anyone's thoughts on the Phase Linear 8000A linear tracking turntable or its twin, the Pioneer PL-L1000A? I'm now the somewhat-proud owner of one with a missing counterweight and head shell. I think I've found a source for those, but do these turntables have some fatal flaw that will ... Read More »

Phase Linear

So I have an opportunity to acquire a Phase Linear preamp, tuner, cassette deck combo. Now I really don't have a need for them, but they look absolutely stunning, kind of like the old silver Marantz stuff. When I checked audiogon, I saw that the gear is pretty much bargain-basement cheap. So why ... Read More »

Can you guess this Phase Linear gear? Is it worth 1K?

A guy is selling this Phase Linear gear and I was wondering if its work 1k? Not that I can afford or anything but I heard Phase Linear is an great US manufacture that went out of business. Pics attached. [IMG]http://www.enigmawebdesign.com/ph1.jpg[/IMG][IMG]http://www.enigmawebdesign.com/ph2.jpg[/I ... Read More »

Phase linear 400 speaker combo?

Hi, I am new to this forum. Just inherited a phase linear 400/2 amp. Would appreciate your expertise on pairing it with floor standing speakers. Budget is around $300-$800. Maybe something vintage , to compliment the amp. Using it to listen house and techno. I am a complete no -fi kind of guy:5 ... Read More »

Phase Linear and Acoustic Research

Any one out there using Phase Linear amps and pre-amp to power their Acoustic Research speakers. I'm referring to vintage equipment circa 1970 to 1978. I use these same brands and I'm very happy with the results. In fact I' ve been doing so since 1972. In my opinion there's nothing like it. Sure if ... Read More »


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