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Best Wireless Indoor & Outdoor Speakers Guide

Summer is upon us and you want to enjoy music outside of your living room. Wireless speakers are the easiest way to make that happen. Whether you want a pair that works well with your iPod or stereo, can be left outside in all weather conditions, or indoors because you don't like wires, here are the ...    Read More »

MartinLogan Motion® SLM Offers Low-Profile Power

The slimmest MartinLogan speaker ever features a multitude of install options and will change the perception of what is possible from a low-profile speaker. Las Vegas, NV – International CES 2012 – January 10-13 – Venetian 30-335 – MartinLogan, the world’s leader in electrostatic speaker technolo ...    Read More »

Ypsilon SET 100 hybrid monoblock amplifiers Review

Featured Article from Reviewer: Constantine Soo Just like all human endeavors, the audio hobby is a mental state and a psychological affair. I have always wondered if I would be a happier person were I to have remained single with a bare living room but a killer sound system and all the time in ...    Read More »

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What is your perception of LG?

LG is sold in the mass market stores as a contender to major brands like Mits, Sony, JVC etc and as far as I've seen priced that way but I don't see the quality there. I had a Sony DVD player go bad after about 2 weeks of being out of the box and replaced it with an LG. I can't put my finger on it ... Read More »

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