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Promonitor 1000 or ML Motion 4

I am looking for a pair of small speakers to function as TV speakers for my new Samsung 55" TV so I don't have to use my HT every time I want to watch TV. I have narrowed it down to the Martin Logan Motion 4's which have excellent detail, voice quality and a very small foot print. Bass lacks a lit ... Read More »

"Pacific Rim" or.. Godzilla Meets "Big-O"`

[SIZE=3][FONT=arial]Never have the ads for a movie filled me with such low expectations. I had "Pacific Rim" pegged as a complete rip-off CGI fest that would have me falling asleep in in no-time. I couldn't have been more wrong if'n I tried. I loved the movie for what it was, great Saturday night, p ... Read More »

Half Gone 2013 (or maybe... lost in the echo)

So, this isn't really done yet, I'm still putting it together, and it may have some turns to take before it gets where it's going. And some of you will undoubtedly influence the place where it ends up. So I will chronicle it in song at my song of the day link in sig, and hopefully finish it some pla ... Read More »

Independence Day mixthread--add a song with the word 'Free' or 'Freedom' in the title

I'll kick things off: [video=youtube;Um7kFyLmrQI]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Um7kFyLmrQI[/video] If this song is taken as a metaphor, merry olde England goes on to make some arguably more interesting albums but America cuts a very lovely folk record and also makes "Start Choppin'", which should ... Read More »

Marantz SR5007 or SR6007?

I have a Marantz SR8000 that has been cutting in and out for about 10 years... normally it doesn't do this as long as I leave it turned on continuously. But recently I moved and we lose power once in awhile - then it takes a few days for the receiver to recover. It has already been to two repair ... Read More »