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DCM or Vndersteens or Ohm/Walsh or Klipsch Heritage

Hi guys, After getting back into 2-chl w/ not being all that inpressed w/ H/T I do have a few questions. I'm right now in the ownership of multiple sets of speeks.I had a pair of resurrected Bose 601s that I nursed back to life w/refoaming and redoing the cabinets after they looked like so many pie ... Read More »

YHT-397 and speaker ohm setting?

just purchased a Yamaha yht-397 system. The speakers included with it are rated 6 ohm but the receiver at it's factory setting is set for 8 ohm. Has anyone who owns this system bothered with changing it to the correct setting of 6 ohms.Read More »

do i need an amp?ohm help please

im looking to get a denon avr 3808ci. it says it is rate for 6 and 8 ohms. my front tower speakers are 2 ohms. how does this effect sound? what doed ohms mean? i know it means power some how but not sure. if 2 ohms is lower, shouldnt it be better? my friend said that i should get an amp to run the f ... Read More »

4 or 8 ohm connection?

I ordered a Yaqin MS-20l tube amp that is being delivered Wednesday. It has speaker outs for 4 and 8 ohms. Which should I use for 6 ohm Klipsch KG4's? Thanks!Read More »

What vintage receivers handle 4 Ohm speakers?

Looking to buy a new (vintage) amp that will handle 4 Ohm speakers and I have not the foggiest idea who offers this option. Most vintage receivers were 8 Ohm so I can use all the help I can get. Price range approx. $300 to $500 Thanks in advance RandyRead More »


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Bookshelf Speakers

L 5
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Floorstanding Speakers

WALSH 200MK-2 4.93
14   Reviews
$ 2995.00
Walsh 5 4.94
16   Reviews
$ 0.00
Walsh F 4.81
27   Reviews
$ 0.00

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