Nikko alpha 1200 review

Any one have information ?Read More »

nikko NT 790 tuner

I just bought a nikko NT 790 tuner but, it has not his user manual. Do you know where I could get one or some body could send me a copy by mail ? Regards JPPOLO35Read More »

Advice on replacement for Nikko NR-1219 receiver

Ok, I'm starting a new thread here. Everyone jump in if you want and give me advice for a replacment receiver for my now missing NR-1219 which I bought in 1978. It had dual outputs at 100/chan each. I will not be needing anything in the home theatre arena, just audio only. So, what can you recomm ... Read More »

NIKKO ALPHA450-old 80's amplifier -REPAIR

Hello everyone,i need a schematic diagram or > repair guide for my NIKKO ALPHA450,because it's > damaged. > > Please e-mail me how to take these information. > [email][/email] > > > Thank you > >Read More »


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Graphic Equalizer EQII 3
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NT-790 3.67
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