Microsoft cutting Media Center out of Windows 8

[img][/img] What in the world Microsoft is doing? Apparently Window 8 will not come with Media Center by default which mran you can not even play DVDs even if your PC have a DVD player. I have window 7 that include Media Center and ... Read More »

Bye Bye Zune: Microsoft Exits Media Player Market

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Bye Bye Zune: Microsoft Exits Media Player Market

Can't say this is surprising, but Microsoft is expected to pull the plug on the Zune media player line. They will keep the Zune-branded software and music services as part of Windows Phone 7, but no new versions of the Zune hardware itself will be released. [url] ... Read More »

Microsoft Project Natal for Xbox

[center][img][/img][/center] Microsoft said Tuesday that it will release technology that lets people play video games by moving their bodies instead of clicking hand-held controllers. The service is tentatively called "Project Natal" ... Read More »

Microsoft Songsmith takes classics to the butcher shop

Just saw this on Tech Central, Figured some of you might get a kick. OH, and I turned allow HTML on in this forum and spent the day banning a grape truck load of IPs to limit spam. Hope it works, and enjoy the mashups, cause they are funny. -adam +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ... Read More »

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