Salk Sound Veracity HT3 Floorstanding Speaker User Review

7 reviews 5 of 5 MSRP: $ 5495.00 Description: Design Full-range, floor-standingWMT 3-way Drivers (1) G2 pure ribbon tweeter, (1) Seas Excel W18 EX midrange and (1) Custom aluminum-coned, low-distortion 10" subwoofer with 21mm XMAX Response 34Hz - 25KHz (+/- 1.5 db) 29Hz - 40KHz ( ...    Read More »

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Is it just me or does Yo La Tengo sound like the Notwist all of a sudden?

[URL=""]Yo La Tengo - "Before We Run" by Emily Hubley - YouTube[/URL] Not that it's a bad thing, just kind of caught me off guard. The new album fade has been getting a lot of spins lately and I've never really been into YLT. jcRead More »

help me make it sound better

i have: denon 2307ci adcom 555 Dynaudio Audience 60's yahama center channel cheap $29 speakers for rear fill. klh 10" sub. it kinda sounds flat, not bright. i think its my center channel.Read More »

Please suggest me regarding Rotel's sound quality

Hi, I am seeking an expert suggestion regarding my stereo setup. I have bought a pair of Rotel pre/power amp recently; RC-1550 and RB-1562. These replaced my NAD 355BEE. Other equipments in my stereo setup as below: CD player: NAD 515BEE Speaker: JBL Stage floorstanding (Can't remember the mode ... Read More »

Help me Build a Decent Cheapo Bedroom Sound system

Ok, Currently I have this HTIB in my bedroom. [url][/url] From my System, I plan to use the Reciever and the Subwoofer. So Basically I am lookin for" L + ... Read More »

Why does upsampling sound bad to me?????

I have a Harman Kardon AVR245. It has an upsampling option. When I use this option, the highs and lows are both rolled off and the music sounds compressed with missing harmonics and not nearly as lively. Does this same phenomena occur on the "good" CD players that upsample? Do I not know what "g ... Read More »

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