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Mb Quart Old Series

I represent for Hanoi Music Lovers would like to get some information of products has launched to the market a decade ago. We're groups in Vietnam pay more attention to MB Quart Speakers & really love their sound. Compare with New one in the market, the old series has very high appreciation. Ev ... Read More »

Help in picking up a Subwoofer to pair up with my MB Quart S830?

I can't not decide to get a SVS, HSU or JBL S120P. Money wise JBL is the best bang for the buck as less then $300 but would I be giving up too much performance? Another question is do I really need the performance from the 12" SVS or HSU? I know they are the best in its own price range but do ... Read More »

MB Quart

For those interested MBQuart is officially gone and now is owned primarily by Rockford Fosgate. So any future MBQuart speakers are really Rockford Fosgate speakers with a MB logo. So Watch Out :mad:Read More »

MB Quart QL S830's lacking bass

I have been listening to a newly acquired pair of MB Quart QL S830's that are connected to a HK3480 amplifier (150W / channel into 4 ohms). I am using a standard Onkyo DVD changer and am using the sub outputs to power a Monitor Audio sub. I've kept everything as simple as possible. Now I've had a ... Read More »

MB Quart Three Speakers

Hi, I've been looking around for information on these speakers, but have yet to find anything. I looked around the reviews, as well as various audio forums to no avail. The are two-way with dual 6.5" woofers and a 1-1/2" tweeter. Anyone care to comment on sound, build quality, any problems, e ... Read More »


MB Quart Product Categories

Bookshelf Speakers

ASB1 0
0   Reviews
$ 549.95

Floorstanding Speakers

Alexxa S-One 0
0   Reviews
$ 670.96
MB Quart 390 4
1   Reviews
$ 800.00

Inwall Speakers

0   Reviews
$ 289.95
0   Reviews
$ 249.95
ZUR 5.25 IW 0
0   Reviews
$ 169.95
ZUR65IC2 0
0   Reviews
$ 229.95