Radio Shack Mach 1 speakers

I am not sure if I am doing this right but I just stumbled onto this site while I was searching for some information. I have four Radio Shack (Realistic) Mach 1 speakers I would like to sell. The model number is 4024. They are in like brand new condition, as I have owned these since I bought them br ... Read More »

My Realistic Mach One Restoration

So I just bought a pair of 4024 realistic mach ones from a local that are beat, i mean BEAT. looking like they came outa si-fi movie. Now im just playing, there not bad. I do have sorta a plan of what needs to be done.......,.,.,.,.,. They are the originals so they do have the long lasting su ... Read More »

realistic mach one speakers!!!

being offered a pair for a great price in okay shape. all drivers work and they are the 4024 ones I do rekin. Will need alot of tlc and a nice soft popout of the one pushed in dust cap. (I hold on to the woofer and use a soft mode vac hose. always works for me!....anyone else do anything less chance ... Read More »

Mach One Speakers

Hello I will not use the caps lock key this time.May name is Greg as I said earlier I have a pair of mach ones. I purchased these when they came out:thumbsup: in the 80's maybe earlier. I have replaced the woofer with ma (memphis audio). they sound as good if not better than originals. These speak ... Read More »

realistic mach one help

hello im new to the forum world but i like to read them to help me in my decisions. any way i have a mint pair of realistic mach ones and i have a spare set of woofers that were given to me. i would like to use the spares for subs so i was going to build a pair of sub cabs to match the mach's. here ... Read More »


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