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Loewe Aconda 38" HDTV, VGA/RGB???

I have the opportunity to get a Loewe Aconda 38" HDTV for $800. It retailed 2 years ago for $5,500! Anyone know about them? My seating is only 8-9 feet from the TV, do you think that would be an ok size for that distance? Is there a rule of thumb for size vs. distance? I was reading on one ... Read More »

Loewe lump of coal

I've got a 200lb lump of metal and plastic that was formerly a working Loewe Aconda TV. After looking around a bit, looks like the power supply is kaput and Loewe no longer supports the US market. Has anyone tried and succeeded with a DIY fix? Worked with a repair shop in the SF Bay that does ... Read More »

Does anyone own a Loewe television?

Someone suggested I look into these German televisions but I was wondering if anyone owns one and what their price ranges are? I am not sure about their reputation, quality etcRead More »

Loewe Aventos 30" vs. Sony KV34XBR910?

I am narrowing down my TV choices and was wondering what other people thought about the two models. I can get the new Loewe Aventos 30" for $1800 and the new Sony 34" XBR for $2100. I can not compare these models side by side and was hoping someone may have had the opportunity. I am also looking f ... Read More »


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