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Product Image
KingRex T20
0 Reviews
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Description: <LI>1. Using TRIPATH ® power module TA2020-20 <LI>2. "Audiophile" Quality Sound <LI>0.03%THD+N@10W 4ohm <LI>0.1% THD+N@12W 4ohm <LI>0.18%IHF-IM@1W 4ohm <LI>3. Power output <LI>22W@4 , 10%THD +N, VDD=13.5V <LI>13W@8 , 10%THD+N, VDD=13.5V <LI>4. High Efficiency <LI>88%@12W 8ohm <LI>81%@20W 4ohm <LI>5. Dynamic Range =99dB <LI>6. Over Current & Over Temperature Protection <LI>7. Using anodize gold RCA and SP terminal <LI>8. 6m/m thickness aluminum face plate and aluminum button switch using audio capacitance.


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