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JVC MXC220 manual

I've got an older JVC MXC220 which works perfectly, but I don't have a manual. I have confidence that I can figure things out as I go along, but it would be really a time-saver if I could find a manual. The websites I've checked down have on--must be a lot older than I thought.Read More »

JVC Turntable help please!

Hey all, I've had a JVC AL-A155 Turntable for a long time. It's always served me well and sounded great. However, it's about 15 years old now and still on its original stylus. When I bought it, I was told that the stylus was a readily available one due to it's symbol. Now it seems no one kn ... Read More »

JVC RX-6010VBK - Set up problems

Hello, I'm hoping someone can help me set up this system. I purchased a JVC RX-6010V to have music in our store which has severals rooms so I wanted to install 4 speakers, one in each room. I purchased the small indoor/outdoor speakers from Future Shop to use. I have the two front speakers ... Read More »

1997 Analog JVC VHS to DVD software???

The Best VHS to DVD software? / Future HD Editing :cryin: I hope this would be a good place to park my topic.:2: I have an old 1997 JVC Analog Camcorder and about fifty VHS-C tapes I would like to copy, edit, burn, so my family can view these on their own CD or DVD disk players. I realize th ... Read More »

JVC-Kenwood Merger

Did any one hear that JVC and Kenwood are talking merger? Does anyone care?Read More »



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