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Product Image
Jabra Jabra BT620
0 Reviews
rating  0 of 5
MSRP  40.00
Description: <ul> <LI>For use with mobile phones, music players, PC, and other bluetooth stereo devices</li> <LI>Music player controls on right speaker (play, pause, stop, prev./next track, FFWD, RWD)</li> <LI>Phone controls on left speaker (answer/end/reject/hold/wait/mute call, last number redial, voice dialing)</li> <LI>Volume control on left speaker</li> <LI>Digital sound enhancement via DSP technology</li> <LI>Multi-colored LED for status on Bluetooth, battery and charging</li> <LI>Complete with AC power supply and mini USB jack for charging from PC</li> <LI>Headset can play music from the PC via USB cable while charging</li> <LI>Pairs and connects to up to 2 Bluetooth devices simultaneously</li> <LI>Streamlined design, behind-the-head neckband wearing style</li> <LI>Bluetooth 1.2 supporting A2DP (for music playing) and AVRCP profiles (for remote control), and headset and hands-free profiles</li> <LI>Charging requires approximately 2 hours</li> <LI>Up to 16 hours talk time, up to 14 hours music streaming, and up to 240h stand-by time</li> <LI>Up to 30 feet (10 meters) operating range</li> </ul>


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