Paradigm SHIFT DeliversThree New Earbuds for High-End Audio Quality Sound with Hip, Comfortable Designs and Sport Ear Hooks

New earbuds and sport ear hooks can be purchased using new shopping cart function available on the Paradigm SHIFT website or from dealers nationwide.   Las Vegas, NV – International CES 2011 – January 10-13 – Venetian 30-336 – Paradigm SHIFT™ by Paradigm Electronics Inc., an international lead ...    Read More »

Klipsch RF-83 User Review

MSRP: $ 2800.00 Description: A force to be reckoned with, the Reference Series RF-83 floorstander sets a new standard for the line in both sound and style. With its high-end materials and slender design, this flagship tower delivers unrivaled audio performance for those who demand the very best ...    Read More »

Looking for New Headphones, How about a Classic? Grado SR-125

I was reading Andrew Marshell's blog post on Audio Ideas about returning for repair his Grado SR-125 headphones and his wonderful experience with Grado's customer service and product. I decided to check out what user reviews have had to say about the Grado SR-125 and ran across an i ...    Read More »

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3 intense movies this weekend - Restrepo - Lost Tribe - 127 Hours

Over the weekend I saw a few movies. [B]Restrepo - [/B]This is a National Geographic Documentary of a group of soldiers in Afghanistan from deployment, through tragedy, and going home after a 1.5 year deployment for nothing. It is no wonder that the boys coming home can no longer function properl ... Read More »

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