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Meridian Control 10: Home Audio/Video Control Center

Meridian has created a $5000 touchscreen home media control center.  I ran across the release on avrev.com and was pulled in by the price tag only to find more entertainment on the left side of this image.  Oh my. Wait, which way to look?  What are they showing off? A touch screen or sex? Well, neve ...    Read More »

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Get off the bridge. Intel Screws the Pooch...

Well boy's and girls... for those of you waiting to build or buy a new rig in 2011 I guess the jury's in on Intel's new "Sandy Bridge" chips and chipset. Seems that in an effort to use all the current inventory of capacitors and sech with new motherboards a crapload of bad junk got put into play. B ... Read More »

Intel Pulls a Jacko, Pays AMD 1.29 Billion cash.

This is sad to see but I'm glad some kind of justice was done. We were neither blind nor stupid. We knew AMD had the better chip, we knew they had the superior technology and it was cheaper to boot. Yet for "some strange reason" you couldn't get a Gateway, Dell or anything with an AMD chip in it for ... Read More »

Intel cancels LCOS TV chip

For those of you who had been putting off buying a HDTV until the first models sporting Intel's LCOS chip came out -- it all turned out to be vaporware! Intel just announced that they've stopped all LCOS chip development and cancelled the project. All throughout the year, people have been touting ... Read More »


Any word on when and who will be producing the Intel based LCoS HDTV's?Read More »

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