Plugging iPhone 4 into Insignia 200w 2.0 receiver

Hello all, Recently, I have been putting together a 2.0 system for my home gym. I tried plugging in my iPhone 4 to the reciever, using Belkin AV cables, it sounded really bad, and I was unable to listen to my music. Fm radio and CD player work fine. So my question is, how do I ... Read More »

Looking for the perfect DAP? Insignia Pilot may be it..

Not a commercial. I don't work for or profit from Insignia or Best Buy. I don't even like Best Buy. I always feel like I'm walking into a used car dealership when I go in one on rare occasions. I thought I'd pass on my latest find. I've been using Rio Carbons for about three years. Until now, I have ... Read More »

Insignia redesign

After listening to all the noise about these speakers I finally went and got a pair. Not bad looking. Cabinet a little on the light side. Impressive gloss baffle bezel. Banana terminals looked better than the Lsi9's I had. Played them for about 2 hours and agreed that for $21/ ea. they are ... Read More »

Insignia KEF knock-off's on sale today..

$39.99/pair at Best Buy. For 40 bucks the best near-field monitors on the planet. They're also a good inttrduction to how good the real thing is - KEF. They don't come close in audio quality but they're a good introduction to how good a coax design can be in bringing coherency and smoothness to play ... Read More »

Found a home for the Insignia's..

I bought a pair of the infamous Insignias recently for less than 40 bucks including tax. I tried them out in a couple places around the house. I compared them directly with a pair of Paradigm Atoms, Legacy Studio-i's and Classics just for grins. In larger rooms they sound overly warm, especially com ... Read More »


MS 1400W: