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Product Image
iLuv iMM153BLU
0 Reviews
rating  0 of 5
MSRP  60.00
Description: Add a little bit more to your next wake-up call with the iLuv iMM153 dual alarm clock with iPod dock and bed shaker. While you can wake to the sound of music from the FM radio or iPod, you also get a bed- (or pillow-) shaking vibration from the included bed shaker. Perfect for those mornings that waking up just doesnt come easily. Like all of them. Deep sleep ? Now instead of just hearing your alarm, you can feel it too. The iMM153BLU's bed shaker alarm accessory will shake you awake and make over-sleeping a thing of the past. The "Shake and Wake" bed shaker alarm accessory vibrates your bed or pillow to shake even the heaviest sleeper awake. Rich sound quality from the built-in speakers provides depth and clarity to your favorite iPod tunes, while the universal iPod dock plays and charges your iPod. Auxiliary line input for 3.5mm jacks allows you to plug in other audio devices as well. The large, easy to read digital numbers can be brightened or dimmed with a 10 step-LCD dimmer level control. Drift asleep to the sounds of your iPod or FM radio, and wake up to your choice of iPod, FM radio, buzzer, or bed shaker. FM radio features PLL tuning digital tuning technology and 10 programmable stations.


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