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Parasound Halo Impressions

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just received my new A21 today and I'm really diggin' it. Its Big (60#), its Bad (400wpc) and Beautiful. It sounds even better. I'm running it with the preamp out's from my adcom. All I can say is Transparency, Soundstage, Bass slam, Resolution, Detail ... Read More »

150 watt JM Chorus speaker powered by 250 W Halo A21

Hi guys, Im thinking about buying a new pair of JM Labs 726 V speakers I listened to at my local dealer. These speakers are rated to handle about 200-250 watts. My Parasound Halo A21 amp puts out 250 watts @ 8 ohms and I am running those into a pair of JSE Infinite slope 1.8 that can handle 300 wa ... Read More »

new Halo of Flies 7"...

...with Paddy Costello from Dillinger Four on vocals. [URL="http://www.amphetaminereptile.com/hof/"]http://www.amphetaminereptile.com/hof/[/URL] Let me know if this is the kind of thing that interests you, and I can probably find one here locally for a cheaper price. ~RaeRead More »

Report Card: Parasound Halo D3.

[IMG]http://gallery.audioreview.com/showphoto.php?photo=2617&size=big&cat=recent&limit=recent[/IMG] Got this sucker hooked up today and thought I would share some first impressions. I'll be sure to report more later, but here are some initial reactions and thoughts. My first thing to obviously li ... Read More »

Parasound Halo D3 Universal Player

Hello... Has anyone read any reviews or seen/heard this player? I am really considering this as my next player, but I need to do some research and there isn't a whole lot out there yet. [IMG]http://www.penna-media.hu/poor/hifi/Paras_halo_d3.jpg[/IMG] Any feedback would be helpful!!!!Read More »



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