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I'm looking for 50's music cds that sound half>

decent. I realize that this music was originally recorded in mono but are there any good sounding cds that are digitally remastered? Thanks, JohnRead More »

DAC-For Dell Laptop-->Audioengine A5 Set Up?Help Appreciated

Hi Fellow members.. Really hope you can help with some simple advice,Re inexpensive [B]DAC[/B] for my [B]Dell Studio (32 bit) [/B]laptop which feeds a pair of [B]Audioengine A5 [/B]active speakers.I currently use the [B]Behringer UCA-202 [/B]Interface-USB in RCA output This was suggested on an ... Read More »

Yamaha DVD-S2700 => Impressive Specs

[B]Yamaha DVD-S2700 => Impressive Specs[/B] Anyone have the Yamaha [URL="http://www.yamaha.com/yec/products/productdetail.html?CNTID=451766&CTID=5001800"][COLOR=#22229c]DVD-S2700[/COLOR][/URL]? It plays CD, SACD, & DVD. The specs are quite impressive, if you can believe them. Signal-Noise (1 ... Read More »

Opinions on <$500.00> CD player

I see a place I can use a good sounding player without spending a lot of money. I prefer comments from actual listeners of the unit you might discuss. Here's what I've been considering: NAD c545 - $499.00 Emotiva - $399/00 Cambridge 640c - sale $349.00 Music Hall 25.2 - $599.00, I believe ... Read More »

<New Toy>: Brines Acoustics FB-20

It always happen out of nowhere. Got them from a local guy off of Audiogon this afternoon. Very nice gentleman with lots of very cool gear. Impressions to follow... [IMG]http://gallery.audioreview.com/data/audio//500/FB-201.JPG[/IMG] Have Fun, JRARead More »



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