Music Hall 2.1 and the Goldring Tracker.

Ok...I've read many reviews about the Muisc Hall 2.1 with the Tracker or Goldring Elan and the pros and cons about it. Noob this is why I say its subjective...and I can truly relate to you when you say "[B][I][U].I also believe one person's opinion can be misguided. Sometimes better equipment really ... Read More »

i need to find out the cartridge height of a Goldring 1022gx

hey! i've been googling for hours and i've been unable to find out. so does anyone here know what the height of the goldring 1000 series is? cheers!Read More »

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G-1022 5
5   Reviews
$ 0.00
G-1042 4.27
11   Reviews
$ 0.00
GR1.2 5
2   Reviews
$ 369.00
GR2 5
1   Reviews
$ 735.00

60.0 WA BLACK:

FGH 26: