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The early 90s ... and the Boo Radleys ... and Giant Steps

One of the classics of the 90s, hasn't really aged badly at all in my mind, just as good as ever. 1993 was a great year, kind of the time when the music started to get really good again. And this was one of the reasons why. It's melodic pop music at the core, but adventurous and far-reaching with a ... Read More »

Think back -- Your Top 3 from Gentle Giant

The House, The Street, The Room On Reflection So SincereRead More »

Andre The Giant

'Search', revealed no mention of one of my favs..."Princess Bride"... It's got it All... Humor,Love Lost and Found,Pathos,Violence,Special Effects,Cameo Appearances, Happy-Ending, and ANDRE in a Speaking Role !! All with its' Tongue planted firmly in its' Cheek... iocane powder for those who don't ... Read More »

Now something we can all enjoy... Giant Nazi Robots!!!

Saw this the other day. Flat out amazing what a guy can do with a puter and some imagination.. [url]http://www.e-motionaldesign.com/blog/nazi-robot-attack/[/url] Enjoy... Da WorfsterRead More »

Porn giant backs Blu-ray

Adult film company Digital Playground (with sales over $12 billion last year) has announced that it will release new products on Blu-ray Disc instead of HD-DVD. The company claims that it went with Blu-ray is because of the larger storage capacity with Blu-Ray over HD-DVD. If this trend continue, ... Read More »



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