Furman Elite i Series 15Pfi thoughts?

Hi, I will probably be purchasing a power conditioner in the near future and I was wondering if anyone had some thoughts on the Furman Elite i Series 15 Pfi. I am wondering if the Furman mentioned is a good unit or whether I should spend more on something better. I don't want to spend a t ... Read More »

Furman vs Panamax vs Monster

My old Panamax unit is starting to flake out on me. The power button seems to not be completely disengaging so my Amp does not fully shut off which then causes the main circuit breaker to blow. Looking at replacing it since it is 12 years old or more. My choices would be Panamax M4300-PM- ... Read More »

Ezra Furman & the Harpoons

I really think a lot of you guys would like these guys... [url]http://ezrafurman.com/[/url] Seriously.Read More »


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A/V Preamplifier

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