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Funk inc

[URL="http://youtu.be/3lf7I0YeNRs"]Funk Inc. - - Kool Is Back - YouTube[/URL] This song bring back some memorysRead More »

More killer Funk and Fusion - TM Stevens

Wow, stumbled onto this via Morglbl vids on Youtube. TM Stevens played bass for James Brown and a slew of others and also recorded with Wooten. Check out some of thiss. [url]http://www.tmstevens.com/gallery/index.php?action=videos[/url]Read More »

Premature assumption.... Funk Firm TT=Bose?

I've drooled over the new TT from Funk Firm for about........2 days this summer. It is definetly new and possibly exceeds in WAF. But where are the specs on them? Do you guys think The Funk Vector TT can compete with sub $2000 VPI/Clearaudio/Nottingham TT in performance category?Read More »

Used Vinyl Records for Sale - Jazz, Soul, Funk, Rock, Dub, Rare Grooves

Clearing my w/house from my vinyl records collection of: Jazz, Soul, Funk, Disco, Hip Hop, Dub, Reggae, Rare Grooves, Rock, New Wave, Electronica, etc... find the catalog online at: [url]http://rogie.gemm.com[/url] LP's, 12inch, White Labels, Promos, Out-of-Print, Original Issues and Reis ... Read More »

FREE RX2 &AKAI Funk samples

Get FREE funk sounds and loops for house music at [URL=http://www.funkysamples.net]http://www.funkysamples.net[/URL] :pRead More »


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