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Looking for Audire Forte schematics, repair manuals, etc?

Hi there ... first post here .. I've just been given an Audire Forte amp that has some problems with it's right output channel ... It seems the Audire is no longer in business, and it seems that google doesn't know much about the Forte amplifier .. Does anyone know where I can get schematic ... Read More »

Receiver for Forte IIs?

I just picked up a pair of used Klipsch Forte IIs and was wondering if anyone had a receiver recommendation? i've heard great things about tube amps with these speakers but i wouldn't know what to buy, especially since i don't want to spend any more than 500 dollars max. I was thinking a refurbishe ... Read More »

Klipsch Forte II's

Ok, so i posted before about my speakers dilemma, and i was looking at klipsch rb-35s or some onix speakers from av123, but the onix were on backorder until like a month from now so that made my decision easier, until i got an opportunity to pick up a pair of klipsch forte II's... i've heard great t ... Read More »

Forte model 3 vs Jeff Rowland model 5

I have a Forte model 3 amp that I like very much but I was thinking of trying a Jeff Rowland amp with my Newform Research R630 speakers. They are both said to be very musical and have a nice midrange. Does anyone know what the high frequencies are like for the JR? I've read that they are rolled o ... Read More »

For Sale: Klipsch Forte II's - Oak pair, pick-up only

Grudgingly, my need to downsize is forcing me to sell my oak pair of Forte II's. All speakers and passive radiators are in perfect working condition. Both speakers show some wear but no major nicks or scratches. One speaker, however, has a 4-inch square stain on the top of the cabinet. (See picture ... Read More »


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