C.E.C. 3300r or Exposure 2010

Hi, soon in this days i will buy an amplificator...now im between these 2 amp...C.E.C. 3300r & Exposure 2010...which one do you suggest? My other equipments are; Spkr: B&W 604 s2 CD Player: Pioneer PD 4050 Trn Tbl: Philips FA 146 Cbl: Monitor Bingo (silver) Oehlbach (Hybrid) If i p ... Read More »

What do you guys think about Exposure┬┐?

i finally found a shop that i liked, and after buying a phono preamp and a pair of these f'ucking sweet Grado SR80s that i'm currently listening too (and subsequently bringing out every imperfection in one of my well-loved records... AURGH) i am pretty certain i will end up buying my first REAL syst ... Read More »

Exposure 2010 Vs Bryston 2Blp

Hey out there in audio land... T-Bone here. I have a quick question regarding Bi-Amping speakers... I have a creek 4330 MK II integrated amp, and the corresponding CD player. NIce cables... etc. I guess I am trying to say that the source material is all nice so a sensitive amp is OK. I was cur ... Read More »


Exposure Product Categories


16 Mono Regulated Amplifier 4
0   Reviews
18 Super Power Amplifier 4.5
2   Reviews
4 Dual Regulated Stereo Power Amplifier 3.67
1   Reviews
XV Super 4.73
11   Reviews
$ 0.00
XXV 4.67
3   Reviews
$ 1850.00

CD Players

Exposure 2010 s CD 4.5
5   Reviews
$ 900.00

Integrated Amplifiers

CSB 1206 BLK: