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Upgrading... the painful, necessary evil

What is the most painful in the wallet about getting my DynAudio speakers years back is that those became my strongest component, and the rest could not bring the best out of them. I had to rebuild to the DynAudio standard. The upgrades of cables, and amp really made a difference. To provide suffici ... Read More »

The Flower Kings: The Sum Of No Evil//review

Get those orders in for the next Flower Kings album, because Roine Stolt obviously reads fan blogs, and has been taking notes. No more flirting with other music styles, no more looks into the darker side of humanity, no more attempts at irony. Roine promised a return to form and he delivers. Finally ... Read More »

Resident Evil 3????

I am a Resident Evil Fan....and cant wait for part 3.... Any news?Read More »



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