EPI 100m's in the house....

Saw a pair of EPI 100m's on CL and thought what the heck. We agreed upon $20-$35 depending on condition. Thought they will go okay with my Genesis I's.Read More »

LF Info on EPI Model 150

I have these speakers that I acquired over 10 years ago. The dimensions are approx 40"hx16.5wx11.5d. Google search comes up with an old EPI bookshelf speakers which these are not. An help would be appreciated. Thanks Beef [IMG]http://www.iowabeef.net/epi1.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://www.iowabeef.net/ ... Read More »

How much is one epi time energy 100 speaker worth

How much is one epi time 100 speaker worth its in good shape.Read More »

EPI reborn?

I've had a pair of EPI speakers since the early 80's. They were the first pair of speakers that I purchased with my own money, and I've always liked the sound. Typical "New England" sound, with a superior tweeter , these speakers have become collectors items to those who remember them. Lookin ... Read More »


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Floorstanding Speakers

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200C 4.86
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$ 450.00

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