This Season of "Boardwalk Empire"!

[FONT="Verdana"][SIZE="3"]All I can say is "WOW". Sex, violence, more sex and more violence... a little instrospective character development... more sex and gobs o' violence! Nekid wimmens, nekid (and aroused) mens. Everything but the kitchen sink. Great season thus far. Worf [/SIZE][/FONT]Read More »

Boardwalk Empire...

Started slow but wow!!!! This weekends episode was amazing. Just simply amazing. Catch it on DVD when it's released. Worf.Read More »

Boardwalk Empire

Hmmmm kinda don't know what to make of this. First anything involving crime and HBO is going to suffer in comparison to the 500 pound gorilla in the room that is "The Sopranos". Simple as that, no getting around it. In that they spent $18 large on the first episode (that's 18 MILLION Dollars for ... Read More »

The Cat Empire

Anyone heard of this Australian band? They were on our local morning show today and I caught their last song. It reminded me a little of Andrew Bird with a horn section instead of violin. I've been listening to some tunes on their website this evening and I like it. [url]http://www.thecatempi ... Read More »

Empire Toubador 598 parts?

Hi there! Does anyone know where I can buy a cartridge plastic mounting plate for an Empire Troubador 598 (orig. arm)??? Thanks, JanneRead More »


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