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Quad Electrostatic Loudspeakers 2905

this model Quad ESL 2905 (reference series) was reviewed by Ken Kesler in June, claiming to to be the best speaker on the planet! well although this is a major claim to make, shunning out many of those top end brands like Wilson, Genesis, Karma, Sonus Faber, Martin Logan and the like - in fact for w ... Read More »

Janszen Z-30 electrostatic?

Hi - I came across a pair of Janszen Z-30s in my grandparents garage from the late 1970's - maybe even 1980. Anyone know anything about them? I almost threw them out until I looked underneath at the name. Now I figured I would try and sell them since they're in good shape but know very little. ... Read More »

Electrostatic.. bs?

Today I was at my local audio boutique and I listened to a pair of Martin Logan electrostatics featuring 7 or 8 inch woofers to handle the lower frequencies. Despite the inability of the woofers to handle the low end, I found the mid to high range to be... just flat and unengaging... Is this more ... Read More »


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60.0 WA BLACK: