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Klipsch Rc 64 Vs Jm Lab Focal Electra CC901

I have klipsch rc 64 center but my friends say focal electra 901 give better results at movie and music what u think? thank you [url]http://www.klipsch.com/na-en/products/rc-64-overview/[/url] [url]http://uk.cinenow.com/products/2872-focal-electra-cc901[/url] Electra (2) 7" woofers, 4" mid ... Read More »

Electra Be 1027!

I auditioned a pair of Focal JMLab Electra BE 1027 this past weekend at [url]http://www.hansonav.com/[/url] in Dayton, OH... WOW is all I have to say! I think I prefer towers for my HT, but for 2ch, they destroy VR1's, and any other bookshelf I have auditioned to date (take into account, these ... Read More »

jmlab electra 926 or similar

please comment on the speaker as compared to the vsa vr4 jr thanks normanRead More »

Mud 3: Carmen Electra vs Brooke Burke

OK who's ready for the 3rd match? We already have two ladies ready to move on to the next round. Who will it be this time? Will it be the sizzling Carmen Electra? Or will it be the, so hot she makes you cry, Brooke Burke. Step up to the pit guys. Take all the pics you like. Or just sit and dr ... Read More »

Denon AVR 3805& JMlab electra 926s

I recently use Denon AVR 3805 and B$W 600 series for both HT and hifi. I intend to upgrade my front (B$W 602 S3) to JM Lab electra 926s. Plesae advise if the 3805 can driver my new system? I used to more often hear hifi than HT. Thanks very much in advance!Read More »


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