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Nuforce Reference 9 V2 SE Power Amplifiers review

I love music. I love not just listening to music, but the whole music experience because there are so many levels and “components” involved in the whole subject. From music composition, to playing instruments, to recording and production, and finally to playing music on component audio systems, ...    Read More »

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Eichmann Bullet Plug?

Have any of you guys used the Eichmann Bullet Plug RCA connectors? What were your experiences with them? I have been using them for the past week on some interconnects which I made out of some Vampire Wire. I have been impressed with the performance. I compared this interconnect with my Kimber ... Read More »

add review eichmann cables ,,speaker and interconnect and bullet plugs

hi these bullet plugs are way so popular right now online,,,why not use theyre interconnect and speaker cables,,,how about a review for all eichmann products,,interconnect,,spk cables and bullet plugs for theyre rca's, [url]http://www.eichmanncables.com/[/url] express 4 spk cables $200 links ... Read More »

Eichmann Product Review

Disclaimer: These results were attained using the following products in my system placed in my room being fed by Los Angeles DWP electricity. Your results may vary based on gear, room and municipality. 8) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- At the ... Read More »

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