Need Receiver Advice for Dynaudio Audience Setup

After not being here for years, I need some help. By B&K AVR 202 (yes i know how old it was) receiver is on its last legs and I need to get a HT receiver. I have Dynaudio Audience 70s in front, Center channel, Sub 40A and 42s for the rears. I want to get a good economical receiver that will get t ... Read More »

Dynaudio manufacturer video on YouTube!!!

Stolen from another site.... Three parts video: [url][/url] [url][/url] [url][/url]Read More »

Peabody's Dynaudio's up for bid on Audiogon!

Hey Jack....the guy that Peabody traded his Dyns too have them up for bid on audiogon...and it looks like he also has the center channel as well. If you look in the back ground you can see the JBL 1400 Arreys that Peabody almost bought before deciding on the Revel F52's . To the Right is a Revel Sa ... Read More »

help:Dynaudio Audience 60 vs kef reference model one‏

i'm looking to buy on of theses sets used. i have read all the reviews and they seem equal. i'm looking for a great sounding speaker that has bright highs and good amount of bass. i'll be running these through a denon 2809. i want to buy asap so any feed back would be great/ thanksRead More »

Dynaudio Rap

I've got some Biggie Smalls to jam out on some Dynaudio Focus 220 speakers, but one tweeter is shattered. Now my Biggie don't sound good! Anyone have any suggestions on a replacement? I've got this KLH tweeter that looks good, but I want an original. Also what do you think about matching them up ... Read More »


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