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Yamaha DSP A1 or Htr 5990

Because of what I use and the price I am looking to purchase either the Yamaha HTR- 5990 or the DSP A-1 . Help with advice please . I mostly listen to music but almost as much watch DVD`s through my Xbox 360 HD DVD . I dont watch TV at present . HELP Ebay is ending soon !!!Read More »

DSP settings

How many people fully utilize their DSP modes ? My old yamaha receiver had about 15 different DSP settings, 13 of which I never used. I mean...honestly...how many of you actually listen to music on the "jazz celler" setting??? My current denon receiver has fewer DSP modes however my thumb gets rat ... Read More »

Yamaha Dsp-a1000

Hi there, I'm new to this forum so please bear with me. I'm looking to build up an affordable system that won't break the bank, and I'm assessing some older used equipment as a means of getting there. I'm starting off with the amplifier, and was recently offered a YAMAHA DSP-A1000, the former fl ... Read More »

best bang for buck receiver strictly for pre/dsp/mulitple output use?

I'm quoting this from a thread related my question at the end of the paragraph.... [QUOTE=sam9] Quite a few people have bought recievers to use as economical pre-pro units with no intent of ever using the ampifier function. To bad no manufacturers (as far as I know) offer the capability to d ... Read More »

Yamaha DSP-AX1(european version)---$1000 Canadian, worth it?

Hey guys, As i stated in another thread ive been looking at three recievers, the..... - Onkyo TX-DS575X (around $589 Can) - Yamaha RXV1500 (Around $608 Can) - Harman Kardon AVR335 (around $525 Can) Now today i went to my local high end audio shop, and he told me he had a flag ship Yamaha ... Read More »