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Which one is better? PSB Image B5 or G-Design GB1

Hi this is my very first post in this forum. I am no audiophile and have a question for those who are. Which speaker would you guys recommend if you would pay the same price for each one the PSB Image B5 or G-Design GB1? Thanks for your responseRead More »

Design choices for a small audio system

Which design choice would you pick (picture below), considering: [B]Budget[/B] $500 USD [B]Purpose[/B] Listening to FLAC audio in my room [B]Room size[/B] 7 x 15 feet (230 x 460 cm) [B]Audio power[/B] 50W [B]Source[/B] My desktop computer If, for a bit more budget (or a bit ... Read More »

Design & Equipment Suggestions: $7,000 Projection Room

A buddy of mine asked for help, so I automatically thought this was the place! He's got a 10.5 by 22 foot room basement room. He is fortunate to have 9 foot high ceilings and $7,000 to turn it in to a theater room. No TV- he just wants projector and fixed screen. Gear will be in a closet on th ... Read More »

Cool design for "Airplay" speakers

Have no idea if they'll sound decent. I just think its a cool design. You select the channel for the speaker to represent by rotating the speaker. Slick. [URL="http://unmonday.com/"]unmonday.com[/URL] [IMG]http://unmonday.com/img/unm_outside_01.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://unmonday.com/img/unm_p ... Read More »

Audio Review/EFE DIY speaker design

johngalt47, this one's for you, my friend. I'm sure that there are probably a number of people here that know (or have access to) everything that I'm about to post here, but I'm pretty sure that there are many more that aren't aware that this design is still around. This speaker was designed b ... Read More »


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