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Which amp to use with an Arcam Delta 290p?

My Arcam Delta 290 amp is broken. Which amp should I buy to use with my Arcam Delta 290p? The obvious choice is another Delta 290 or an Alpha 9, but I wonder if a Diva A80 or A85 would also be ok or better. Or maybe another brand? I use(d) both amps bi-amped to KEF Q-series Loudspeakers. KoenRead More »

Cal Delta/Alpha combo...which output cables?

I have an upgraded Cal Audio Labs Alpha and :) Delta. Can someone suggest which cables I should use with these pieces? Thanks.Read More »

Burr-Brown Sigma-Delta 20 bit convertor

Hi, I just bought a new NAD cd player and it has a Burr-Brown Sigma-Delta 20 bit Digital to Analogue Converter. Should I go analog out or digital out to my receiver? Do I lose the advantage of the Burr Brown converter when going digital out. Thanks, WalkerRead More »

Arcam Delta 290 Input Selector Humming

This is a post from audiodyi.com. I'm having the same problem. Apparently this is fairly common in the D290. Anybody experience this and found a solution??? "Hi there, What was just an irritating problem with my delta 290 integrated has now become serious. The input select dial produces ... Read More »

Delta Bravo India still likes Yankee Hotel Foxtrot

Yeah, Wilco is still cool with me. Anybody else still listen to this one? Kind of a Wilco day down in the southwest. Took it out for a couple spins today, this is not a joke so please stop smiling. Sometimes I need a camera to my eye, reminding me which lies I have been hiding. Because my mind is fi ... Read More »


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