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Confessions of a Tweaker

The current SACD debate is a stimulating one and I, having read your respective posts, would not like to slip through the scene acquiescently. As one who has never listened to SACD, I cannot make a very informed argument for or against the format. I have no doubt that proponents of the medium are ve ...    Read More »

Harman Kardon® AVR 7550HD Audio/Video

Harman Kardon's new AVR's 7550HD big story is the inclusion of Dolby Laboratories' Dolby® Volume technology. This new feature levels the volume from any source. Sounds like it would be totally great for dealing with load TV ads and maybe even controlling the varible volume of mp3s, but not sure if t ...    Read More »

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dbx-BX-3 amplifier. S O S !

Hello to all ! I am getting distortion from both output channels, 1 & 2, on my BX-3 amplifier. When I route the speakers to channels 3 & 4 , the distortion goes away. Can it be the output transistors in channels 1 & 2 ? Also , I wanted to bridge this amp via channels 1 & 2 , but , because of the ... Read More »

DBX dbxSW15 plus

Thought it looked interesting and it was only $9. if nothing else it will make a pretty good little table. Not much info out there on them except they date from the late 80's, has a 15" woofer and was available from a catalog retailer named DAK. Never heard of a company called DBX but label says th ... Read More »

Yamaha k1000 natural sound dbx??

I was just wondering if anyone can give me a little info on it or if anyone could tell me the value of it. Thankyou in advanceRead More »

Info on DBX SFX-1 speakers

Hi people, I picked these up at a yard sale for 100.00 today. Does anyone know anything about them. i looked around the web but have not been able to find much. Thanks, DonRead More »

Looking for info on DBX (Soundfield Imaging) SF2500 Speakers

I'm looking for information on a pair of DBX speakers I have that has a blown woofer. I would like to get the woofer replaced instead of buying 2 whole new speakers. Any idea on where I can find replacements or alternatives? I haven't been able to dig up any information on DBX speakers on their w ... Read More »

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