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In my 3 way tri-amped OB system I use two of the APA-150s to drive my H-frame bass Alphas and the small DTA-100 to drive it's super tweeters. [url=][Review] Dayton Audio APA-150 - Class AB integrated amp/power amp - [English][/url]Read More »

Dayton DTA-100 T-amp -$49!!!!!!!

I paid $99 for this amp and thought it was a steal. Now you can pick up a blem for half that price. I once drove a pair of $2,000 Aerial Acoustics with this amp and it more than proved up to the task. This puppy will embarrass some high dollar amps. [url= ... Read More »

Any one have a pair of Dayton Audio B652?

I'm looking for a cheap pair of bookshelf speakers for my gym. Gonna drive them with my Hafler 9180. Someone on Craigs List in my area is selling a pair of Baby Advents asking $60. Are they worth it since they are pretty old paper cones? Or am I better off just getting a pair of Dayton Audio B ... Read More »

Emotiva BPA-1 = Dayton APA150

These two amps appear to be the same. I picked the Dayton up on P.E.'s BF sale and it's quite the little power house. It's heavy and about the same size as a small loaf of bread. I was surprised at it's clear and powerful sound in stereo and eventually plan to use it to drive two big Eminence Alpha' ... Read More »

Dayton BR-1- A really nice DIY speaker kit with pre-made cabs

This is a great kit from Parts Express to get your feet wet in DIY. The speakers are excellent as well. Watching the video at the bottom of the page will show you the basics of soldering a crossover assembly. Nothing like having friends ask where you got those nice speakers and you reply, "I built t ... Read More »


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10" Titanic MkIII 4.5
4   Reviews
$ 500.00
12" Titanic MkIII 5
3   Reviews
$ 687.00
15" Titanic MkIII 5
3   Reviews
$ 838.00
300-632 4
1   Reviews
$ 109.00
titanic 4.83
12   Reviews
$ 0.00

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