TV Replacement Cycle is 7 Years

According to the most recent update to the Global TV Replacement Study published annually by NPD DisplaySearch, the worldwide television replacement cycle has shrunk from 8.4 to 6.9 years over the last twelve months. [img] ... Read More »

anyone know somewhere to get tokyo quartet bartok cycle on cd?

It is out of print, and I am always scouring ebay for it, but have only seen one and I didn't win the auction. also trying to find orhpeus C O recording of the Dvorak string and wind serenades (also out of print) Thanks for all help.Read More »

60 Cycle Hum from my computer

Hi I have this horrible 60 cycle hum coming out of my computer. I have a 1/8" stereo plug to RCA coming from my sound card into my receiver. I don't get the hum from any other component. Is something not grounded correctly, or is there another cable I can use? It's pretty loud. Thanks. JonRead More »

The Official Tunesday Spin Cycle

Any music really get up and grab you this last week? Haven't been listening to much myself, but wound up in a store with a good indie selection a few days ago and picked up three of the wannabes that were sitting near the top of my wishlist....and I'm here to report they are all some of the best mus ... Read More »


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