MONSTER Debut of “GRATITUDE™” Headphones (Earth Wind And Fire) and iSPORT “Immersion” In-Ear Headphones.

MONSTER CELEBRATES 40 YEARS OF AMAZING EARTH, WIND & FIRE MUSIC WITH DEBUT OF “GRATITUDE™” IN-EAR HEADPHONES, CREATED IN ALLIANCE WITH LEGENDARY BAND -- Monster Joins Forces with Earth, Wind & Fire; Band Members Will Visit Retailers Across the Country During Their Summer Tour to Pr ...    Read More »

Top 5 Most Popular Viewed Headphone

What are the most viewed headphones/earbuds of the past Holidays for 1) Bang & Olufsen A8 Earbuds 34 reviews 4.44 of 5 MSRP: $ 69.99 34 Reviews 0 Quick Ratings 4.44 of 5 1,413 Views Description: Designed for durability, the A8's can be ...    Read More »

What Audio Video Goodies Are Others Looking At?

Dec 1st - 7th Is there something you missed, or something you should know? Here are the top four searched items for the Week of Dec 1st - 7th.  It is holiday shopping time, make sure you study up on what you are about to ask for or give. 1) Bose Wave Radio CD 2) Bose 321 Home Entertainment System ...    Read More »

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