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Google Chrome

I've just downloaded and installed Google Chrome web browser in about 1min. The program opens immediately and it opens web pages super fast compared to IE and FFox. I have not noticed any lag when browsing AR. It may become my default browser.Read More »

There's Chrome, just shining Chrome.....

Ah, been a while since I listened to Catherine Wheel, but those first two records are kind of special to me. I just love Chrome, "Half Life" cranked now, and it does sound good.Read More »

Top 10 Google Chrome features to boost your productivity

Hi, 1. Ultimate browser speed 2. Integrated search into address bar 3. New tab opens with your favorite links and most visited pages 4. Get most of your screen 5. One-click bookmarks with categorizing 6. Shortcuts to web apps 7. Offline mode based on Google Gears 8. Tabs management 9. Inde ... Read More »


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