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Songs that you only know the chorus lyrics?

I can't hear this song without cranking it up as loud as possible. It never fails to make me happy! I just looked up the lyrics for the first time and I can't believe they're correct! See if you can guess the song... (NO GOOGLING) [I][COLOR="RoyalBlue"]Poor old Johnny Ray Sounded sad upo ... Read More »

please help - Sonus Faber or Focal Chorus??

I need help buying bookshelf speakers. It's between the Sonus Faber Liuto Monitor vs. the Focal Chorus 806V. The SF sounded a little better to me but they are more expensive ($2,998 vs. $798). It's an average size living room and I'll use a bass in the corner. Listen to all types of music - mostl ... Read More »

Magnepan MC vs Triangle Quartet vs Focal Chorus

Confusion, that's what is happening when you end up listening for too long to too many different systems and combinations ... SO I have to revert to people like you who may have these babies in their homes and have ... extensive listening experience with those speakers. Classical music is my m ... Read More »

Jm Chorus 726v

Has anyone auditioned the JM Chorus 726V speaker? I was impressed by the soundstage and how these speakers disappeared into the music. My dealer said he just got these in and arent even broken in yet. He was using a low powered NAD reciever and a NAD C542 cd player and yet these sounded great. ... Read More »

150 watt JM Chorus speaker powered by 250 W Halo A21

Hi guys, Im thinking about buying a new pair of JM Labs 726 V speakers I listened to at my local dealer. These speakers are rated to handle about 200-250 watts. My Parasound Halo A21 amp puts out 250 watts @ 8 ohms and I am running those into a pair of JSE Infinite slope 1.8 that can handle 300 wa ... Read More »


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