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Don Cherry's piano desk.

Niacin shoulda called themselves Piano Desk instead of the incredibly lame Niacin. However, I digress. This may make you laugh. Read More »

Check This Beast out, Guys! A Cherry Marantz 2385!

Yup! After many years of searching, I finally found a Marantz 2385. This unit is a beast! 185 WPC of raw vintage POWER! The unit is all original and has not been restored! I will be sending it in for a tune up pretty soon, as I'm sure that at least some of the caps inside are dried out. It operates ... Read More »

JBL Northridge - Cherry vs Black finish

Hello Everybody: I'm from Canada (Vancouver, BC) and am looking to buy a JBL Northridge home theatre system (E90 towers, EC35 centre, E250P subwoofer, E50 surrounds) through the net. The difference in price between the cherry and black finishes is minimal (~ $100 for the entire system), so I am ... Read More »

popping my cherry w/ first post (nt)

just wanted to get the first post out of the way and then look around at the new crib.Read More »


60.0 WA BLACK:

CSB 1206 BLK: