Monster's New Inspiration Headphones, Limited Edition iSport, and Micro Wireless Speaker

Monster Inspiration Noise Canceling Over the Ear Headphones: Monster, a world leader in fashionable personal audio gear, is releasing the Inspiration™, Monster’s first over-ear, advanced noise-canceling headphone. Noel Lee, the CEO of Monster has designed the Inspiration headphones. He is sound a ...    Read More »

iHome Unveils New iP76 LED Color Changing iPod Tower Speaker

RAHWAY, N.J., May 17, 2012 – Adding a spectrum of colors to home audio systems, iHome today announced theiP76 LED Color Changing Speaker Tower with Bluetooth technology.    Read More »

NB639 New Balance Heart Rate Monitor Sports Headphone Combo Review

We have been running almost since the day we could walk. It has even been argued that endurance running has contributed to the evolution of the human body.  Likewise, music has also shaped the development of man. However, it has only been recently that both running and music could be experienced tog ...    Read More »

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Hulu to charge $9.95/Month by March 24?

I'm not sure if this has been discussed already. [url][/url] I'm not outraged about this, but I'm not sure if the consumer will pay the fee to access their video. Who here does not have c ... Read More »

Sears now charge restocking fee for returned TVs.

I took a TV back yesterday, and salesman told me that from now Sears will charge restocking fee (15%) for HT items (such as TV or stereos). They charge me $44 restocking fee :mad: I was going to buy and try out another TV, but got so mad that I walked out. I think I will take my business to BB or ... Read More »

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