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matching center for cambridge soundworks mb80

my friend has L+R cambridge soundworks mb80 speakers these are a large bookshelf type Unfortunately cambridge does not make a center that matches, I heard they have been bought out and focus on computer speakers anywho any suggestions? thanksRead More »

Cambridge Soundworks Model 6?


Replacing sub for Cambridge Soundworks

I have a Cambridge Soundworks Ensemble II system I purchased in 1994. It has been simply fantastic and I had hoped it would last me for life. Then along came Rock Band. With my 10-year-old on drums, and me on guitar, we blew out the bottom playing Rush's Tom Sawyer. Now I can't get a peep ou ... Read More »

Cambridge Soundworks P1005 Sub

At this time Cambridge is having a huge sale and I would like to know how they compare to other subs. I'm looking at the Newton P1005 sub. SVS, Velodyne, HSU, Dayton T1003K 10" Titanic Mk III Subwoofer Kit or Cambridge SoundWorks - Newton Series II P1005 Powered Subwoofer? The bottom line-- are ... Read More »

Cambridge SoundWorks PC Works Question

Hi, this is not my area of expertise. I have a Camb. SoundWorks PCWorks speaker system. I was wondering if it was possible to keep the sub woofer but change out the 2 Cube satellite speakers and exchanging them for a pair of Newton Series II MC55 speakers? They are from the same company so I assume ... Read More »


Cambridge Soundworks Product Categories

Floorstanding Speakers

Model Seventeen 3.47
15   Reviews
$ 180.00

Home Theater Speaker Systems

MC305 5
1   Reviews
$ 0.00

Inwall Speakers

Ambiance 80 0
0   Reviews
$ 149.99

Mini Systems

Model 88 Table Radio 4
49   Reviews
$ 500.00

Outdoor Speakers

Outdoor 42 3
1   Reviews
$ 150.00
Outdoor 52 4
2   Reviews
$ 299.99

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