Any info on these newer subs: Cadence XSUB, Acoustech H100, and Dayton 12"?

I'm looking to buy a sub for HT use in a medium-sized room. It is more important for the sub to go as low as possible at moderate dB levels-- so that I can really feel it -- rather than reach stupid-high SPL levels. All three of them are relatively new and I know next to nothing about them. There ... Read More »

Cadence A15 Review

Hello, I decided to upgrade my Home Theater and wanted to post a review for these Cadence speakers. I started out with a Magnovox 51" HD TV. This only energized me to enhanch the audio. I knew I needed a new receiver, but after spending a grand on my TV, I didnt want to break the bank. I chose ... Read More »

Cadence Subwoofers

Cadence Sound Systems 6519 Highway 9 North Howell, N.J. 07731 Please consider adding the Cadence line of speakers to the forum. I am especially interested in what other people think about this product. I think it offers tremendous value to the consumer! The models I am interested in seeing revi ... Read More »


Cadence Product Categories

Center Channels

C-15 0
0   Reviews
$ 99.00

Floorstanding Speakers

A-15 5
3   Reviews
$ 249.00
Arca 5
1   Reviews
DS 5
3   Reviews
$ 0.00

Outdoor Speakers

ON-54 0
0   Reviews
$ 119.00


XSUB-12 5
1   Reviews
$ 229.00

Surround Speakers

S-15 0
0   Reviews
$ 99.00


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