PS Audio Power Cable thoughts

First I want to say that I know everyone hears with different, lets say "resolution". That's to say the differences you hear, I might not and vice versa. I also realize that as we progress in our quest for better sound what we are left with is wanting more realism, which is subtle but very importan ... Read More »

Cable Info Request

After reading that John Michael is quite happy with his Rocket J Squirrel 440's by Audio Quest, I got to thinking (after having done some reading on these cables) these might be a superior cable to my AQ Type 4 speaker cable. Can anyone tell me whether or not by switching out these cables to the Ro ... Read More »

A good long HDMI cable?

Hey guys, which HDMI cable is the longest with good 3D quality? I'm looking for one.Read More »

Found two hidden gems from cable TV this weekend

[INDENT]"The Watch" - A neighborhood watch group consisting basically of Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn, and Jonah Hill tangle with some really slimey aliens. Yeah, it sounds tacky. It kinda is, but it actually works as a buddy flick with good character interplay and a ton of laughs thrown in. Definitely ... Read More »

Cable woes, I got 'em!

Currently my AQ Rocket 44's have a bad banana at the amp end. I think either the banana was made too thin or weak in the center where it broke. I noticed the wire pulling to one side and it was then I saw the plug was dangling at the midway point. Since I did not want to risk a short I replaced t ... Read More »


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