CD changer noisy and skipping: BSR MCD8050

[FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=4]Several years ago I acquired a BSR MCD8050, 6 disc CD changer/ cassette deck, for free. It is a great machine for set-n-forget listening. It’s even better for making cassette tapes from CDs (I still have cassette in my 4Runner). It is my first and only CD player, althou ... Read More »

Bsr Eq3000 Problem

Hey guys, I have this old EQ. (bsr eq3000) It was working fine, i had it in storage for a while and now i plug it in and it works for 20 seconds or so and then just cuts off. the power light stays on but the lights for the eq bands shut off and the sound dies too. any ideas?! i'm runnin ... Read More »

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