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Bryston BDP-1: What is it????

So I've been scratching my head for several weeks...not dandruff, but trying to figure out just what the Bryston BDP-1 really is and more importantly WHY I'd want to buy one: The BDP-1 costs a "mere" $2,100 and can read high resolution files on a USB drive and send a digital output to a DAC... An ... Read More »

Bryston 2b-lp

i have a bryston 2b-lp that needs a home and was wondering how much i could sell it for.. thanks errbudy!!:)Read More »

Advice between a few amps. Bryston/Levinson/ARC

Any input is welcomed. I am driving Revel F52 speakers, looking for a smooth warm sounding amp. Here is what I am trying to decide between, unfortunately the only audition will be after purchase. I was going to go with Marantz multichannel, but decided I only need 2 channel for now. Pre/pro will eit ... Read More »

Krell vs. Bryston

I have looked at several different amplifiers for my home theater system and have almost settled on the Krell KAV2250 with TAS 5 channel. However, I have heard really good things about Bryston, but I can't seem to find one to listen to in my area. Can anyone tell me how the Bryston SST serie ... Read More »

Any Bryston owners here?

I have a question regarding the Bryston SP2 prepro. I currently have one on loan from the local dealer, but the remote doesn't work. The dealer has ordered another one, but it won't get here before I have to make up my mind whether or not to purchase this unit. Anyway, I can't seem to get the SP2 ... Read More »


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