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Wife and I just went there and WOW, what a great place. Very friendly, very family like, lots of knowldge, and cool stuff everywhere. I'm so pleased to have found this place. Even the wife enjoyed it. Vibe was awesome and I got my TT aligned and they checked out the LP3 while waiting, err. Wa ... Read More »

Mr. Brooks

Has anyone else seen this film? Got it on a whim from Netflix, not really expecting much, and was very pleased. Kevin Costner is kinda hit or miss, but I think he turns in a solid performance, along with William Hurt. If you have seen the film, what do you think about the ending? No spoilers ... Read More »

Mel Brooks Best Movie.

I was surprised that he only directed 11 movies in his entire career. I Thought it be more. Young Frankensrirn and Blazing Saddles probably are top contenders as his best movie, but IMO History of World Part I grab top honor as his “funniest” movie as he also spend alot time in front of camera. ... Read More »

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