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Bozak 919

Hey guys. Let me start by saying how excited I am! I have made a deal for a Bozak 919 pre amp. Very rare. It's in great shape and fully functional, all for the bargain basement price of $150!! Much like my EICO, I don't think the seller is in tune with the market. To give an example of it's ... Read More »

Bozak B199 woofer: inductance value asked!

Hello, Does anybody know the value of inductance (at 1kHz) for the Bozak woofer B199? I am searching the couple of value for the both versions 8 and 16 ohm. It would be usefull to compute the RLC and RC corrector, in order to linearize the impedance. Help is welcome, because T datas are quite ... Read More »


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